My Near Death Experience

Alright, so maybe I am exaggerating a little tiny bit. But, we did just live through our first real live scary Texas tornado watch.

I sat on the front porch, a nice large Texas front porch, and watched the clouds roll in over the trees. It was so beautiful. (I love a good storm.) I could tell we were in for a storm, for real. I watched the weather on and off throughout the day but now decided to leave it on the weather channel for close updates. Our tornado warning had turned into a watch.

It started raining pretty good. The DirecTV went out pretty much right away. My son got out his Baofang radio and was listening to updates from the national weather service.

My husband was out of state in sunny Tuscon, Arizona by the way. He always misses the good stuff! Like when the RV toilet got clogged.

So, I had two paranoid dogs that hate thunder and a cat that was borderline freaking out. Two kids that were acting like they were not scared but not doing a very good job of it. My daughter in law came to the rescue and played a game with them to keep their minds occupied.

The storm was severe enough I thought it was time we get ready to “hunker down.” We live in a split level home, no basement and our only bathroom has an outside wall, so that isn’t an option for us. We don’t have a closet anywhere in our house yet. The safest place for us to go was on the bottom level in front of the stair case. That area right now is used for storage and we have two of our mattress sets down there. That was perfect, we pulled one of the mattresses over to that area. I also¬† got a laundry basket of pillows and blankets, to use as shields and for warmth. I had them grab a sweatshirt and I got a change of clothes to have with me. Then I made everyone put their shoes on.

If the tornado hits us and there is chaos all around, wouldn’t it be better to be wearing shoes. At first I thought it was a strange thing to think about but really it’s probably not. This is my first rodeo.

We also put some water and snacks to have down there, you know,  just in case.

It started to hail. It was small but it was coming down fast. The weather service came on with an update and said a tornado was in the town over from us and headed in our direction. Even gave an estimated time of arrival.

That rampped things up a bit. It was starting to get really real.

I called my MIL who lives 8 miles away in a different town. She told me that the tornado sirens were going off there and had been. Ours hadn’t gone of at all .

One night before we moved to Texas, we were in town at my MIL’s house. There was a huge storm going on. Mean, angry thunder and pouring rain. The thunder here is so much different than the thunder in New Mexico. It’s more crackly and angry sounding. I love a thunder storm, but this thunder had me a little worried. Anyway, we went to sleep and at 4 am we were startled awake by the tornado siren. That is such a surreal feeling. We shot out of bed and Sam starts getting dressed, like tucking his shirt in, getting dressed. What? Who does that??? Anyway, I leave the room to go wake up the girls. Sam’s mom didn’t even hear the sirens and she said that its just a storm. She walks outside on the walkway and looks at the sky comes back in and says its ok, No tornado, go to bed. She was so right.We found out days later that it went off because it got struck by lightening. I will never forget how I felt being woken up by that sound.

I digress…

At this point we are doing what your told not to do and that is stand by glass, looking out the window. I couldn’t stay away. Not like I would be able to see it coming but it just felt like the thing to do.

It passed the time they quoted that the tornado would hit our area and then got word that the tornado had turned toward another town. We were out of the woods. But still under a tornado watch until 3 am.



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